About Us

F3 Brands, located in Miami, OK, is a U.S. manufacturer and proud to be your home for leading brands in the DIY market place. Whether you are organizing your garage, performing maintenance on your vehicle or creating the perfect outdoor setting, our brands have become a symbol of strength and durability for everyday hardworking people like you. 

Formerly part of Blitz USA, F3 brings with it a long tradition of design and innovation expertise. Indeed, our company name "F3 Brands", is based on the theory that we will be successful as a company only if we deliver product solutions that deliver the proper Form, Fit, and Function for our customers and consumers. Our record of leadership in the categories we operate in reinforces this belief: that building intelligent but simple solutions to our consumers problems will reward us with high levels of consumer loyalty and market strength.

F3 Brands delivers these solutions in its two core product brands: RhinoGear™ and 2x4basics™. Both of these brands represent categories that serve the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) consumer. We know the profile of the person who tackles their own auto maintenance, who takes care of their own lawn, who builds their own storage solutions. These brands are backed up with marketing support and consumer-centric packaging that build a brand statement in the stores, and inspire repeat purchases. 

Our 120+ employees are happy to be an important part of the Miami, OK community. We are future focused, and dedicated to designing, building, and supplying quality products to our customers. Our company's mission statement reflects the attitude and optimism of our workforce: To Create, To Focus, To Grow, To Prosper…and have a Good Time doing it!


American Made


F3 Brands is proud to be a US manufacturer. We are committed to providing good jobs in our local community, and utilizing the high quality materials for our products. We have invested in a variety of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to make us the best in class with our customers and best in performance with our consumers.

Utilizing US based design, engineering and manufacturing resources allows us to be more responsive and have shorter lead times for our customers. It also allows us to maintain high levels of quality control in the products we produce. We test our products to ensure that the end result is a product we can stand behind.



We're also clients

At F3 not only are we proud of our products but we use them ourselves.We know the profile of the person who tackles their own auto maintenance, who takes care of their own lawn, who builds their own storage solutions. We have over 30 years of research and development experience and encourage our employees to use our products at their own homes. We believe this helps us design better products for our consumers.

We are our most critical customer and strive to learn and understand what our consumers are saying and what they need to help make life not only easier, but more efficient.

Our Objective:  Provide innovative, quality products built for the DIY Consumer & Outdoor Enthusiast.